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WaterWheel & the Phish Fan Community

And everyone’s together
And there’s one big ocean
And the ocean is love

The WaterWheel Foundation could not do what it does without the generosity of the Phish fan community. At every tour stop and beyond, fans help us create positive change by making donations, purchasing merch, entering raffles, volunteering their time and talents, organizing their own fundraisers, and more! Like raindrops rippling through the ocean, these acts of kindness empower WaterWheel to spread the positivity by funding nonprofit organizations and helping those in need. We are so thankful to the Phish fan community for all of its support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Who WaterWheel Supports

The WaterWheel Foundation is proud to support organizations working to protect the environment and help those in need in Vermont and across the country.


WaterWheel Partners

We are deeply grateful to our Partners who have supported The WaterWheel Foundation by generously donating their time and talents year after year.
We look forward to working with them on exciting new projects in the future.

Photo of Ben & Jerry

Ben & Jerry’s

On March 18th, 1997, Ben & Jerry’s and Phish launched Phish Food with a special one-off show at Burlington Vermont’s Flynn Theatre. This sold-out show was the beginning of the WaterWheel Foundation, organized to best distribute the band members’ royalties from the ice cream to environmental causes. Since then, Ben and Jerry’s has teamed up with Phish and WaterWheel on numerous occasions for special events and fundraising campaigns.

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Photo of Jim Pollock holding print

Jim Pollock

World-renowned artist Jim Pollock has been creating original artwork for Phish since the early days of the band, designing visual imagery for Phish albums, tickets, posters, tee shirts and more. He has been an avid supporter of WaterWheel, generously donating his artwork and making special prints to help raise money for WaterWheel and its beneficiaries. He also stops by the WaterWheel table at shows from time to time, to meet fans and customize their Pollock pieces with his signature and doodles.

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Friends of WaterWheel

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work closely with and support other organizations that share our vision of coming together to create a better world for everyone.
We hope to inspire and be inspired by them for many years to come!

Mockingbird Foundation logo

Mockingbird Foundation

The Mockingbird Foundation is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving access to music education for America’s youth. Each year, The Mockingbird Foundation awards grants to dozens of music education programs, and funds those grants through a combination of fundraising, publishing, and the curation of, one of the earliest Internet fan communities. The Mockingbird Foundation has no salaries, paid staff, office space, or endowment — thus distributing all possible funds to charity. The Foundation’s primary purpose is charitable, with more than $1.6M in grants to 450 grantees covering all 50 states.

MFF logo

Mimi Fishman Foundation

The Mimi Fishman Foundation is a volunteer-administered, fan-driven non-profit dedicated to raising funds for a diverse range of charitable organizations that each, in some way, touched the life of the founder, Mimi Fishman. Jon Fishman’s mother Mimi established the foundation with the idea that partnering with bands like Phish could truly influence charitable giving and philanthropic engagement. Organizations supported by The Mimi Fishman Foundation are focused on the health and wellbeing of children and families with a particular emphasis on visual impairment.

Divided Sky Foundation logo

Divided Sky Foundation

The Divided Sky Foundation was founded by Trey Anastasio with the mission of delivering quality care and compassionate treatment to those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. During these challenging times, the state of Vermont has continued to be severely impacted by the opioid crisis and the need is greater now than ever.

Phans For Racial Equity (PHRE)

Phans For Racial Equity (PHRE)

Phans For Racial Equity is an all-volunteer organization that promotes racial equity and respect for difference within the Phish and greater music community and beyond. Striving to make a more welcoming space for people of all races and ethnicities, bearing in mind the many ways in which race/ethnicity intersects with gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities. PHRE’s aim is to facilitate education and thoughtful engagement, first and foremost within the Phish community, about race and its intersection with other issues; give people tools to build a more welcoming environment; and activate our community to positively impact racial equity in the U.S. more broadly.

CLF logo

Conservation Law Foundation

The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) protects New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. It uses the law, science, and the market to create solutions that preserve our natural resources, build healthy communities, and sustain a vibrant economy. Thanks to CLF’s relentless advocacy – in courtrooms, in statehouses, and in boardrooms from New England to D.C. – today Boston Harbor is the pride of the city, Georges Bank is free from oil and gas rigs, Lake Champlain’s polluted waters are getting cleaner, and New England’s remaining obsolete coal plants are on the verge of shutting down for good.

Conscious Alliance

Conscious Alliance

Founded in 2002, Conscious Alliance is a national nonprofit based in Boulder, CO that brings healthy food into underserved communities, feeding kids and families who need it most. Their work empowers young people to get involved by mixing passion for music with opportunities to make a positive impact. Through “Art That Feeds” Food Drives at concerts, and large-scale donations from food brands, Conscious Alliance brings healthy food to communities across the U.S., with an emphasis on remote and rural areas, including Native American reservations. What began as a grassroots food drive at a local show has grown into a national movement — providing more than 9 million meals, to date.

STTF Community Volunteering

STTF Community Volunteering

STTF Community Volunteering is a side project of Surrender to the Flow, the free, print and digital, volunteer-staffed publication written by and for fans of the band Phish. STTF Community Volunteering provides opportunities for Phish fans to make an impact and volunteer in the communities Phish visits on tour.  Some examples of their work include organizing an online art raffle to raise funds for the homeless and hungry in NYC, rallying fans to clean up the beach in Atlantic City, and helping out at a food bank in Alabama.



HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy. HeadCount reaches young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – to inform and empower. HeadCount stages nonpartisan voter registration drives at more than 1,000 live events each year and collaborates with cultural leaders to promote civic engagement on a national scale. They have partnered with Phish and The Waterwheel Foundation since 2004, helping thousands of fans register to vote.

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