Guest Post: Quadraphonic Podcast

Meet Quadraphonic Podcast

By Al Croft and Dwayne Boyd

Quadraphonic Podcast began as a way to awaken people about the issues faced by music fans with varying levels of ability. Being able bodied is a temporary situation for us all. Passionate music fans who love to attend live music events, striving to find ways to make the scene accessible to all who wish to be a part of the collective energy that stems from attending performances. As a fanbase evolves, so do its needs. Music is a means to transcend. As individuals and as a family of fans, we rise by working together to help each other.

Our first episode launched in March of 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. By using our resources, raising awareness and communicating with others about our experiences, we hope to enlighten, entertain, educate, and illustrate that everyone has something to contribute to the community in which we belong.

The connections that exist between musicians and their fans are unique and special. At times, we all require assistance to achieve what is necessary to establish them. Awareness of circumstance is integral to formulating ideas and bringing them into action. This will eventually bring about much needed changes in which we all benefit from.

Our goal is not to seek special treatment at shows. We are doing what we can to level the playing field for those who face difficulties experiencing the magic we are all trying to capture.

As work on The Quadraphonic Movement and Quadraphonic Podcast continues to unfold, our voice is beginning to be heard and felt. By providing this forum, we have realized that there is much more potential for us to make a powerful, lasting impact in our music community.

We wish to evolve into a presence at shows: to support the ADA staff at venues; to assist concertgoers discover and utilize the resources they desire to augment their immersion into the live music experience; and/or the assistance that they require being differently-abled. In order to accomplish this, we would require motivated individuals to volunteer time to assist differently-abled patrons.

Examples of tasks that may be carried out may include, but would not be limited to: communicating a concern to an appropriate team member to facilitate faster service; or by making a run to the concession or merchandise line for a patron if movement is difficult.

By working together the overall experience becomes more streamlined.

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